Wedding Photographer in Arezzo

Camera Chiara’s studio is based in Arezzo and is the town where we live and work as wedding photographers. Arezzo is a magnificent medieval town surrounded by ancient walls of noble Etruscan origins, perfect to offer the beautiful scenarios for a wedding photographer.
Arezzo hides its secrets and revealt its treasures gradually while you explore unaware of what you’re going to find out. At first glance Arezzo is a maze of narrow streets reminiscent of medieval and Renaissance works, but as if by magic lead you to the main square of the town called “Piazza Grande”. A beautiful square shaped as a pendant shell, with its majestic Vasari’s lodges, by the famous Renaissance architect Giorgio Vasari.
As wedding photographers we feel lucky to work in Arezzo. There are many scenarios and atmospheres that we can use as background during your wedding in Arezzo.